» » La raiz olvidada (2001)

La raiz olvidada (2001) HD online

La raiz olvidada (2001) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: La raiz olvidada
Director: Rafael Rebollar
Writers: Beatriz Garcia,Antonio Noyola
Released: 2001
Duration: 50min
Video type: Movie
The harbor of Veracruz, and the harbors of Pánuco and Campeche were the main channels through which African slaves were introduced to Mexico. From there, they were taken to practically all parts of the country to work in mining, cattle raising and other activities. On the shores of Gulf of Mexico, Africans descendents held positions from mine and plantation workers, to servants and even landowners. As a result, important African settlements developed in this region. The area known as Costa Chica was a region very much isolated until thirty years ago. Today we find in this region clearly differentiated with Afromexican phenotype communities. Most of the black population was taken there by the Spanish to replace indigenous labor, mainly as foremen and cattle hands, while others drove pack animals and arrived to the region to settle. Those escaping slavery found a fitting place on the coast to keep their freedom. Costa Chica, one of the regions least known by Mexicans, constitutes one of...