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Gesu (2019) HD online

Gesu (2019) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / History
Original Title: Gesu
Director: Wins Dieus
Writers: Wins Dieus,George Edward Fernandez
Released: 2019
Budget: $350,000
Video type: Movie
On the first day - So the Bible begins in Genesis. Our story is the beginning of Creation, the story of God and Man through animation and real live actors. To bring this timeless story to the masses with the story of Adam and Eve, Noah and the Great Flood, Abraham, the Father of Nations, Esther sacrificing for her people, Ruth who was the Grandmother of David, David himself the Great King of Israel and his bloodline leading to Joseph and Mary until finally the promised Messiah is born. Jesus of Nazareth. His story and those of his Apostles who after his death spread out through the known and unknown world teaching his Gospel until it has reached the ears of every human being on Earth. This is the film that will be translated into twenty languages so that all may understand the story of the Greatest Book ever written. At this time in the World, the story of Redemption and Resurrection is needed by many who are lost and feel forgotten. This is a story that has been told before but each ...
Credited cast:
Andrew Roth Andrew Roth - Jesus
Acelina Kuchukova Acelina Kuchukova - Maggdalana marry
Kumarakom Raghunath Kumarakom Raghunath - Caiafas
Christopher Kahler Christopher Kahler - Judas Iscariot
Rachel Sedory Rachel Sedory - Rachel / royal woen
Melissa Goggans Melissa Goggans - Sahra
Wins Dieus Wins Dieus - Boaz, joseph
George Edward Fernandez George Edward Fernandez - Abraham, priest
Tirlok Malik Tirlok Malik - Isaac / priest
Jeremy Marr Williams Jeremy Marr Williams - David
Mehal Rockefeller Mehal Rockefeller - Jacob
Viteslav Simon Viteslav Simon - Pilates
Anya So Anya So - Mary ,ruth
Winson Winson - Barthelomew,pharaoh
Monisha Daryanani Monisha Daryanani - David Wife