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Un homme, un vrai (2003) HD online

Un homme, un vrai (2003) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Un homme, un vrai
Director: Arnaud Larrieu,Jean-Marie Larrieu
Writers: Sophie Fillières,Arnaud Larrieu
Released: 2003
Duration: 2h
Video type: Movie
A shy computer expert falls in love with a beautiful colleague while trying to become a film director. Five years later, they have two children, she has become a successful executive, his career has gone nowhere, and their relationship is coming to an end.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Mathieu Amalric Mathieu Amalric - Boris
Hélène Fillières Hélène Fillières - Marilyne
Pierre Pellet Pierre Pellet - Toni
Philippe Suner Philippe Suner - Jean-Claude
Daniel Cohen Daniel Cohen - M. Suner
Silvie Laguna Silvie Laguna - Mme Suner
Jocelyne Desverchère Jocelyne Desverchère - Josépha
Cécile Reigher Cécile Reigher - Béatrice
Eva Ionesco Eva Ionesco - The Producer Assistant
Aitana Sánchez-Gijón Aitana Sánchez-Gijón - Dolores
Antonio Cantos Antonio Cantos - Le collègue espagnol 1 / Asunción
Scott Burgess Scott Burgess - Le deuxième travesti
Santiago Iglesias Vergara Santiago Iglesias Vergara - Le collègue espagnol 2
Marie-Pierre Chaix Marie-Pierre Chaix - Annick, la fille du refuge
Christophe Paou Christophe Paou - Le comédien

Reviews: [4]

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    I missed the first five minutes, and guessed i may not have missed much. I found difficult to see where this story was leading to. Love at first sight between two people. Then one seems to go astray yet admit to being a little messed up. However this does not go down too well. And suddenly things are very different. As an ex french man I have to repeat "Vive la difference" Yes for me the movie moved on and actually could have been enough from this second part. The mountain climbing and the bird watch was really something special, more than the real man. Beauty is in the eyes of the ...Voyeur. I'm glad I watched it but I would understand those who didn't. Take your pick!
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    Magic and poetry are often misunderstood. Nevertheless, when handled by clever people as the Larrieu brothers, they can say more about reality than an evident and boring realism. This movie is a little piece of jewelry which says a lot about modern love and its difficulties through ten years and three locations Paris, Ibiza and the magnificent Pyrenees. It's this kind of movie which makes you feel good watching it and even better after thinking about it. I saw the movie twice the same afternoon, something I have not done for ages. Yes real men are rare, almost as rare as the menaced species of "Coq de bruyère" (rare wild rooster) and you will be able to admire both in this charming comedy you must absolutely see.
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    I went to see this on the strength of Matthieu Amalric's name, since he was so good in 'Comment Je Me Suis Dispute (Ma Vie Sexuelle)', one of my favourite French films of the '90s... and I can't say I was very impressed. A romantic comedy that doesn't make one believe in or feel the slightest chemistry between the two leads is hardly a winning proposition... I was especially disappointed when I saw Michel Piccoli's name in the credits at the end, and realised that he must have made his appearance during one of the several points that I was asleep! Better luck next time, Matt...
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    OK... This is a messed up story about love... with a mix of crazyness and bad directing.

    The movie fails to fit the category it targeted... The humour is blessed by a hazy bitter taste and the characters are developed as widely as bugs bunny likes apples...

    The poetic feeling of the movie is exaggerated and takes away any common sense the movie could have had. We wonder between trying to understand what is happening and classifying the feelings and scenes we have as "metaphoric" or "senseless".

    So... What a really waste. Movie hits a "5" because it is well thought nonetheless and it stays beautiful from a landscape and nature point of view. If you like poetic movies where what happens isn't really important, then that's the movie to watch.