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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Game Show
Original Title: Ninja Warrior UK
Video type: TV Series
Competitors from all over the country take on TV's toughest obstacle course.
Series cast summary:
Ben Shephard Ben Shephard - Himself - Host 33 episodes, 2015-2019
Rochelle Humes Rochelle Humes - Herself - Host 33 episodes, 2015-2019
Chris Kamara Chris Kamara - Himself - Host 33 episodes, 2015-2019

On 29 May 2015, ITV renewed Ninja Warrior UK for a second season.

The show is compared to Total Wipeout.

Reviews: [4]

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    If you've ever watched the original Japanese version of this show or the American version then sit down. This is not the same show. It may be named the same and have the same obstacles but it's not as it appears. First of all only a few and I mean very very few of the competitors in this series appear to have any kind of background in parkour/free-running or obstacle course running. So right off the bat this comes off as more of a Wipe-Out style series than it does Ninja Warrior. In addition to the competitors appearing to be less prepared for Ninja Warrior the two male hosts of the show act like juvenile delinquents every episode often laughing at how the competitors look, egging them on, and of course every fail gets a lot of ridicule. It grates on my nerves. The editing also is different in that they show very few full runs of the course. So when we finally get to see some really good competitors make it, it's often just the last few obstacles. Lastly the hosts don't appear to have any idea of the techniques required to complete these obstacles. That is, they don't talk about the technical side of Ninja Warrior which really makes the experience seem less legitimate.

    So be warned, this is Ninja Warrior in name and obstacles but it is also very different. I don't like posting mostly negative reviews so let me say that the audience is very well controlled and respectful for most of the episodes. So it's easy to hear the little interviews and stuff before & after a run which might seem a bit sterile but I think it works. Also, no doubt I'm a huge fan of the series. I love that drive people have to really work hard and try to beat the course. So as much as this is watered down, I'm still watching this. If you know nothing about the series then this might actually not seem as bad as I'm rating it. So don't let my low score keep you from watching it... just don't expect this to be great for fans of real Ninja Warrior.
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    ITV have yet again tried to entertain us with this watered down version of a format that has worked better in other countries. A bit like The Voice really.

    If you liked Total Wipeout then you'll love this show, but to be honest it's weak entertainment and even the likability of poor old Ben Shepherd can't save this from being dull. Quite why it needs three hosts in the first place is beyond me, but with this show logic goes out of the window.

    ITV have claimed that this show gets their 'Super Saturday' off to a good start. Sorry, I have to disagree.
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    When you go to watch the show live and you are in the audience then here is my relief for it everything is amazing and I don't mind the cue or wait at the start but the sight when you are watching is terrible you can hardly see a thing if you are a kid and they don't care they should improve this soon I will not go again if this isn't improved
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    After watching ninja warrior for a few years (both the American and Japanese versions) I think the British one matches up just as well, the idea that any body can have a go at the course is real great idea, you still get park-our pros and runners doing the course but I do feel that the idea that anybody can have a go is a real bonus, the current format really works very well for light Saturday evening entertainment (on about 7ish) and how we see many competitors in 1 show trying to make there way through the course rather than just a few is what makes the British version great, the way the current format is, it makes it really work for a British format. The inclusion of Rochelle, Ben Shepherd and Chris Kamara. Shepherd and Kamaras chemistry and banter works very well for the format of the show as you can tell that they genuinely enjoy working on the show and not to forget how funny Chris Kamara is when he's talking about some of the participants, all we need is someone to win!